As of August 2018, LianShing has 6 VIP rooms in 5 different countries including: Macau – the Hap Chong LianShing VIP Room; Manila – the Solaire Orient Lianshing VIP Room; Laos – the Golden Economic Triangle No.2 Blue Shield Casino Lianshing VIP Room; the Movenpick Resort & SPA in Boracay; the Midori Clark Hotel and Casino.

We continue to explore opportunities for cooperation with VIP room service partners in more countries so that you can enjoy the high-class entertainment and lifestyle that is a signature of the LianShing brand, during your leisure and business trips.

VIP Service / Private Jet Service

We understand that you, as our guests, need to feel at ease and make the most of your precious leisure time. Here at LianShing, we provide door-to-door transportation services including our private jet service and limousine shuttle service to and from our facilities. Say goodbye to time-consuming and frustrating travel arrangement worries and relax and enjoy the leisure and entertainment.

Leisure lifestyle

Apart from providing high class entertainment, LianShing also offers different kinds of leisure activities. We help you take a break from your busy schedule so you can enjoy a more relaxed holiday. LianShing has resorts in many countries, designed to let you enjoy the sun and the beach at your pace.

Quality Hotel Service

LianShing can also book different hotels for you to minimize the effort needed to select an appropriate place to stay.